Arjo Academy Webinar Series

Arjo Academy Webinar Series

Bringing the Health Sector into the Circular Economy

Our featured guest speaker, Daniel J. Vukelich, Esq., is President & CEO of the Association of Medical Device Reprocessors (AMDR). AMDR represents the interests of member companies that reprocess or remanufacture “single-use” medical devices in accordance with federal regulatory authorities, for use at hospitals, acute surgical care centers, and physician’s offices in a growing list of countries worldwide. Mr. Vukelich is among the world’s most authoritative experts on the legal, regulatory, public relations and political issues surrounding the reprocessing industry.

Hospitals and health systems generate more than double the amount of greenhouse gas emissions than the entire aviation sector. In order to address climate change, the health sector should be among the leaders in transformation to a circular economy. Reprocessed (known as remanufactured in Europe) single-use devices (SUD) reduce costs, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. They strengthen the supply chain and are readily available. This presentation looks at the history of reprocessing SUDs, where we are today, and where we are going in a climate change-aware world.


  • Discuss the increased focus at federal levels for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the health sector, the role reprocessed devices are playing, and their potential for growth as a means to help health systems address their climate change targets

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