Arjo Academy Webinar Series

Arjo Academy Webinar Series

Preventing Hospital-Associated VTE: A Practical Approach

In this webinar, Dr. Greg Maynard, MD, MSc, Chief Quality Officer at UC Davis Health will discuss various tools and protocols used to perform a VTE risk assessment, some of which fail to effectively support the prevention of hospital-associated venous thromboembolism (HA-VTE).

In an effort to alleviate substandard VTE metrics that do not adequately facilitate prevention, this presentation will provide an overview of proven strategies and tactics of an effective VTE risk assessment, focusing on practical design and implementation of VTE prevention order sets and protocols that address failure modes and monitoring techniques. The approach to VTE prevention in COVID-19 patients will also be addressed.


  • Describe the scope of the HA-VTE problem
  • Explain the essential elements involved in implementing an effective VTE prevention program, including standardized order sets that incorporate a VTE risk assessment and active surveillance
  • Evaluate methods to pilot, disseminate and sustain VTE prevention efforts

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